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Mamfakinch is a group of young pro-democracy activists who work at aggregating, curating and disseminating online citizen media material related to the grassroots movement for democratic change in Morocco. In 2012, Mamfakinch won the Breaking Borders award in support of online freedom of expression from Google and Global Voices. It is often cited by mainstream media and its content disseminated across the Moroccan web.

You can reach Mamfakinch via email (contact at mamfakinch dot com), Twitter (@mamfakinch) or Facebook (fb.com/mamfakinch.official).


Mamfakinch - Moroccan citizen media portal

AMDH Maroc - Moroccan Association For Human Rights

AMDH Paris - Moroccan Association for Human Rights, Paris chapter

ATMF- Association des Travailleurs Maghrébins de France

Collectif Vérité et Justice pour l'Algérie, Algeria

UJFP - Union Juive Française pour la Paix, France

ATTAC Maroc - Association pour la taxation des transactions financières et pour l'action citoyenne, Morocco chapter

ATTAC France

Association CSP 92 - Collectif des sans papiers des hauts de seine, France

Arab Organization of Young Lawyers, Morocco chapter

Association des jeunes avocats, Casablanca section, Morocco

February 20 Movement, Paris, France

ODTIM - Organisation Démocratique des Travailleurs Immigrés, Morocco

PCF - Parti communiste français, France

Amnesty International Morocco

Africains du monde, France

OMDH - Moroccan Organization for Human Rights, Morocco

AMDH Bruxelles - Commission Préparatoire, Belgium

AMDH Madrid, Spain

Coordination Maghrébine des Organisations des Droits Humains

FCSME - Forum Citoyenneté Solidarité des Marocains en Europe

ALCI - Association Mouvement Alternative Citoyenne, Morocco

ARCI - Associazione di Promozione Sociale, Italy


Ms. Maria Karim- Film director, activist

Mr. Mouad Belghouate "L7A9D" - Rap artist, political prisoner

Mr. Omar Benjelloun - Lawyer

Mrs. Khadija Ryadi - President, AMDH

Mr. Karim Hajjaji - President, CAPDEMA

Mr. Amine Abdelhamid - Former political prisoner, human rights activist

Pr. Fouad Abdelmoumni - Economist, human rights activist

Mr. Aboubakr Jamaï - Journalist

Mr. Chedly Elloumi - Community activist

Pr. Najib Akesbi - Economist

Mrs. Marie-Zita Trancart - Activist, member of ATTAC

Mr. Ghassan Wail El Karmouni - Journalist, activist

Mr. Mohammed Messeoudi - Lawyer, human rights activist

Mr. Aziz El Yaakoubi - Journalist

Mr. Ahmed Benseddik - Civil engineer, columnist, rights activist

Pr. Loubna Skalli-Hanna - American University Professor

Mr. Nabil Lakrafi - Rap artist

Mr. Said Bouzerda - Human rights trainer, researcher

Ms. Amelia Andersdotter - Member of the European Parliament, Sweden

Mrs. Nisrine Zato - Beninese community activist living in Morocco

Mr. Abdulaziz Diop - Senegalese community activist living in Morocco

Mr. Christophe Guguen - Journalist

Mr. Ahmed Benchemsi - Journalist

Mr. Reda Allali - Journalist, artist

Mr. Mohamed Neshnash - President, Moroccan Organization for Human Rights

Pr. Jacques Berthelot - Retired University Professor, Economist

Pr. Dominique Caubet - University Professor, expert in the Maghreb

Mr. Mohamed Sektaoui - Director, Amnesty International Morocco

Mr. Saddik Lahrach - Human rights activist

Mr. Mostapha Lmouatassim - Secretary General Al Badil Al Hadari party, Morocco


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